Take Your Gym From Stagnant to Successful

Harness the power of smart technology + coaching to put your gym on the fast track to growth

Generate More Leads

Automate Daily Tasks

Boost Your Profits


Build a Strong, Profitable Business

Many gym owners struggle to maintain the momentum needed to grow their business. 

At Box 2 Business, we equip you with automation tools and systems to achieve sustainable growth:

• Receive the exact tools and templates you need
• Get daily accountability so you stay on track
• Join a community of gym owners eager to grow

We've helped dozens of CrossFit boxes, personal trainers and boutique fitness studios automate recurring and tedious processes so they have more time for their clients and themselves.

Let’s Take Your Gym to a New Level of Success

You started your business to help others become healthy and fit. Now you’re struggling to make a profit, generate new leads and give current members a world-class experience. At Box 2 Business, we believe you should be able to focus on the most fulfilling parts of your business. 

It is possible to have a thriving fitness business. We’ve taken all the best tools and put them into one intensive coaching program that will take your gym from stagnant to successful.

Matthew Baitieri


Hi I’m Matt and I’m the Founder of Box 2 Business. I’ve been business coaching for over a year now, bringing all the knowledge I have gathered over the last 8 years of running my business and sharing it with other gym owners worldwide. During this time I had 3 business coaches which taught me a little on how to grow a fitness business and a lot on how NOT to coach gym owners. However, I have learnt most of my craft through reading, watching and listening experts from all industries and applying the best methods into my gym and those of my clients. I am all about serving the little guy and believe no 2 gyms are the same.

Landon Miles


Hello I’m Landon. Since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by coding and technology. Most of what I know has been self taught, and tested in the field. I left the 9-5 in 2014 and never looked back, working on tech projects for a wide range of businesses. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t firsthand. I’m very much a digital mechanic, using web-pages, code, and automatons to save time and better communicate with your leads/members.  Your gym is your priority, the lest time you spend untangling tech, the better. 

Mounir Lazzouni


Hi everyone, I’m Mounir, im an experienced business consultant and entrepreneur.
I have skills around sales psychology, Clickfunnels, copy writing, testing, launching and scaling organic and paid ad campaigns, and consulting over 200 businesses during my time working with The One Percent, I will help you both strategise your long term client acquisition plan, and create the short term marketing and advertising pieces you need to generate leads. Ads is a tricky game and without the right coaching, clarity, and skillsets, it becomes difficult to make a dent. I will be hosting some group calls in the future to give you insight on how to better attract leads for your business.

Build the Fitness Business You've Always Wanted

Here's How It Works

  1. Apply for the 21-day coaching intensive
    This is your chance to get focused on how to improve the back-end of your business and set yourself up for growth. 


  1. Commit to the work of building your business
    Once you're accepted to the program, you'll be part of a small group of gym owners who receive templates, tools and daily accountability. 


  1. Take your gym from stagnant to successful
    With the right systems in place, you can increase leads, boost your profits and discover freedom in your business.


Turn Your Members into Walking Billboards for Your Gym

Download your free guide for immediate access to: 


  • The exact systems we help our clients implement so they can grow and scale their business. 
  • The tools our clients use to help them leverage their time, money and keep their clients happy.
  • How we systemise, automate and optimise the 4 pillars of running a gym: operations, marketing, sales, retention. 

Gym Growth Starts Now

Stop struggling to grow your gym by yourself. Just as your clients look to you for coaching, motivation and accountability, you need a coach to help you build your business.

Together, we'll create the tools, technology and processes so you spend less time on tedious tasks and more time on the work you love.

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